Nothing left of this empty shell.

An empty shell of a being
Breathing but not living
Not a single point I’m seeing
to continue existing

A world that no longer cares
bleak, unrelenting
my soul-less husk burns
nothing left, nothing remaining

I dance on the precipice
of sanity, of life
I stare down into the abyss
one stroke of a knife

I teeter on the edge
cannot stand it all
I wish to jump this ledge
the void, I hear it’s call

Let it end, let it be done
let the earth open and swallow me
let this one, become none
I no longer wish to be

The tears they stream
the blood wells
as if entering a hazy dream
filled with vast oceans and dells

The world beyond was only a lie
I lay broken and slowly I fade
into the nothingness, but I reach back.
Again I’ve escaped that which I yearn.


Old works #2

Power over all, living and dead
dark lean and tall, all futures has read
The knight of fate, pale is the rider
in his eyes; no hate, the lonesome world strider

Let the sands fall
life slips by
The keeper follows his call
the noose I tie
The gallows so tall

As old as time
a force unmatched
unrivaled, unrelenting
keeper of time
end to all pain
never misses a chime

Circle of suffering
death to joy
an ode to pain
the end of life

a mistress profound
trancelike, soothing
like none I’ve found
just silence, no sound
tantalising dark

Used and torn
Broken, thrown
Life’s forlorn
I remain alone

With the numbness
there is no-more
room for nothing
The cold vastness engulfs me
caresses me
if feels familiar

Death to joy
life is drained
love has gone
no hope remains

The crimson flow
Life’s light fades
I now must go
all degrades
the cutting blades

Ardent admirer of the macabre
enthralled by the darkness of death
Could truly be life’s joy robber
stealing people’s last breath.

Old works

A love so real
dismantled, destroyed
the first I feel
there’s no more joy

As life’s light fades
and blood flows freely
I feel an intoxicating draw
towards the darkness

The numbness may be
the best feeling of all
No more pain, heartache
Joy went with her,
the only happiness I’ve felt
the only light in the darkness.

Cast aside
decimated destroyed
unloved, unwanted
Shattered to pieces
discarded, like an unwanted toy

She destroyed me
quarter of my life gone
my money too
from me all joy has left
for with her alone it was found.
She freed me from the riveting darkness
yet it’s tendrils return, they rack
pull and tug.