What is it we leave behind?
Is it our loved ones and kin, our children?
Is it our deeds, our creation?

All we leave is infinitesimal.
A footprint, in the desert of time.
Something that exists and is remembered for but a moment
Then turns to dust, as all else must.

So what is left?
What do we amount to?
Does our legacy matter?

In the grand spectrum,
nothing is left,
we don’t matter.
So let it all burn to ash.
Let your ideas of being remembered wash away
Focus not on the future nor the past.
For what is now is all there truly is.
What we do now controls what will be.

We live, we die.
Do what you want, when you want.
Because in Death there is nothing.


Nothing left of this empty shell.

An empty shell of a being
Breathing but not living
Not a single point I’m seeing
to continue existing

A world that no longer cares
bleak, unrelenting
my soul-less husk burns
nothing left, nothing remaining

I dance on the precipice
of sanity, of life
I stare down into the abyss
one stroke of a knife

I teeter on the edge
cannot stand it all
I wish to jump this ledge
the void, I hear it’s call

Let it end, let it be done
let the earth open and swallow me
let this one, become none
I no longer wish to be

The tears they stream
the blood wells
as if entering a hazy dream
filled with vast oceans and dells

The world beyond was only a lie
I lay broken and slowly I fade
into the nothingness, but I reach back.
Again I’ve escaped that which I yearn.


Ég geng nú til fjalla

líf yfirgef

mína ánægju alla

tapað ég hef

Eitt sinn hafði gleði, lífsvilja

mér sagt er að gleyma

þau ekki skilja

Ég stend hér á fjalli

ísinn mig hylur

jörðin mig gleypir

myrkrið nálgast

Ég er komin i eyði.

Einn ég geng minn síðasta veg

sé þá ei við hann neinn enda

hafði ást svo vinsamleg

Allt sem ég hafði, er aska í vitum mér

sú ást sem ég fann er horfin

aldrei jafn sárt hef ég lifað

Lifa mun ei lengur.


Death has shown his pale face

life’s light fades, nothing remains.

As I sit I bleed, enjoying the flow

Today is her birthday, I’m a wreck craving the knife

A short post today, I was a wreck all of it, couldn’t control it. I am now completely strung out, too much to write any more for this day sadly.