Beneath at Húrra with Blood Feud, Misþyrming, Grit Teeth & Stoic. (22/05/2014)

The night started off with Stoic, a band that was so uninteresting that I hardly remember it 7 hours later. I remember thinking to myself that the musicianship belonged to death metal, but it was flat and uninteresting and the singer reminded me of 90’s grunge. Which is never a good thing.

Second on stage was Grit Teeth a grindcore/Hardcore-punk band. A type of music I typically don’t like at all, but they surprised me. I found myself shaking my head to their music and actually quite enjoying it. This type of music not being my cup of tea I wont go into describing them as I do not feel suited to do so.

Third on stage was Misþyrming, an Icelandic black metal band. That shoved the crowd into a world of chaos, where no light could ever come near. Their music as heavy as it was led with a style that reminded me of old Enslaved (of all things). It was a wonderful experience as well as horrid. Their music is a complex piece of art that I now must hear again.

Then there was Blood Feud. A grand disappointment. I have their old album Hiding Behind The Light. Back then I loved this band, as much as I could love a death/thrash metal band that is. Now with one of the members replaced it feels empty and boring. That which made them unique is gone and what made them unique was how well they seemed to click together.

Last on stage was Beneath. I was rather displeased by the new singer to begin with, but tonight he felt engaging and brutal. Their performance last night was nothing short of amazing. The pit went nuts, someone got cut real bad there was blood everywhere it seemed. All the while we were hammered with this brutal technical death metal, that felt both engaging and interesting. Very unlike most tech-death where you loose interest at the 30th tempo change.


WMB: Iceland

This weekend I went to the Icelandic Wacken Metal Battle. A good concert and disappointing contest.

The concert started with the band Aeterna doing a small opening set, which was quite enjoyable. They play progressive death metal which is they do very well.

Röskun was the first to go on stage, a metal band from Akureyri. They started off by stationing the drum kit to the side (most odd). They had attempts at using traditional vocalization, which failed as none of them have a voice that is nearly powerful enough. The entire performance was sub-par the instrumentals were OK but nothing special.

Narthraal followed Röskun, I’ve seen Narthraal on a couple of occasions but this set was disappointing, the sound was off. The singing too at some points. In all honesty it was probably the worst set I’ve seen them do. Narthraal claim to play ‘old school’ death metal. I do not quite agree, but death metal sure.

In the company of men took the stage right thereafter, and to my dismay they won the contest. They play Hardcore/Mathcore/Jazzcore. As made obvious in the last sentence I am not a fan. In fact I dislike most if not all hardcore so I’m guessing I can’t really judge them, to me they suck and that’s all I’ll say.

Oni followed ITCOM, a group of great musicians with no group charisma. A technical stoner band with zero groove. I could not enjoy it. I’ve seen this band on multiple occasions and on some of those I’ve seen them empty venues. It didn’t come as a surprise that they didn’t get placed.

Churchhouse Creepers placed third, which was no surprise. They were a true crowd pleaser with their Stoner Rock/Party Rock. Oddly enough even I enjoyed that. Between the catchy riffs and amusing lyrics they grabbed the audience with them and the front of the stage had people dancing about happily and smiling.

Auðn were the last of the contestants to go on stage and earned second place. They played a good albeit problematic set, they apparently had some technical difficulties during some of their songs, despite that their performance was great.

The evening was finished off with a great set by the Vintage Caravan, a wonderful performance. Even though the person in charge of the lighting was attempting to burn my corneas.