No point in numbering these things, they’re dated after all.

It has been quite a busy summer of late. Little freetime and too much to do, yet I find myself much to demotivated to step up to even half those challenges. For the past weeks I’ve slept away the days I’m not working, leaving no space for anything of meaning or enjoyment. As that is I’ve of course failed to continue this self-experimentation.

Lately I’ve been feeling empty. The emptiness takes away my will to do anything. I have no interest in anything and the disinterest is killing me. At least there are some good things, I’ve moved on from my obsession. I still bump into her at concerts though and every time I do it feels like all the work I’ve done towards myself turns to nothing and I no longer wish to continue life, that feeling however passes in a day or two.

Lately I’ve gotten back into the music of Agalloch and have come to appreciate their Pale Folklore album much more. The lyrics on it are astounding and the musicianship absolutely wonderful, even though some transitions sound a little fucked up.


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