Nothing left of this empty shell.

An empty shell of a being
Breathing but not living
Not a single point I’m seeing
to continue existing

A world that no longer cares
bleak, unrelenting
my soul-less husk burns
nothing left, nothing remaining

I dance on the precipice
of sanity, of life
I stare down into the abyss
one stroke of a knife

I teeter on the edge
cannot stand it all
I wish to jump this ledge
the void, I hear it’s call

Let it end, let it be done
let the earth open and swallow me
let this one, become none
I no longer wish to be

The tears they stream
the blood wells
as if entering a hazy dream
filled with vast oceans and dells

The world beyond was only a lie
I lay broken and slowly I fade
into the nothingness, but I reach back.
Again I’ve escaped that which I yearn.


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